Publish Date: 
24 June, 2021

On 10th and 11th of June, the WEgate Training Academy was held, a fruitful event for building capacities of organisations that support women entrepreneurship and women entrepreneurs. During the two days’ sessions, 59 participants, ranging from women entrepreneurship organizations, women entrepreneurs and public institutions from all over Europe, had the opportunity to learn, exchange experiences and interact during the lectures, panel and networking sessions. The event was dynamically moderated by the lively professor and entrepreneur Ms. Ratka Jurkovic, which contributed towards a more vibrant learning experience.


The Academy was launched with opening speeches by Dana Adriana Puia Morel, EC, DG GROW and Eva Merloni, WEgate project manager. They set the scene and elaborated more on the importance of women entrepreneurship, the WEgate project and the opportunities it offers to women entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurship organizations.  

The first session, Public policy, achieved the goal of helping participants to better understand the policymaking process, educating them on how to contribute to the improvement of the ecosystem, the policy, the institutional and legal frameworks for women entrepreneurship across Europe. Public policies are of the utmost significance for the promotion and advancement of women entrepreneurship. As the trainer, Ms Marta Turk concluded: “Crucial importance in the policy making process is cooperation with a network of entrepreneurs, associations of WE, chambers of commerce, labour organizations, parliamentarian women, as well as continuous education and knowledge building related to business and personal development, but primarily women entrepreneurship organizations need to work towards awareness rising and promotion of women entrepreneurship.